Amethyst Biomat


How the Amethyst BioMat works:
The Richway Amethyst BioMat is a seventeen-layer medical device that complies with the US FDA Medical Device 510K indications. The core technology is a combination of Far Infrared Rays (which are invisible wavelengths of light that are longer than that of visible light), negative ions, and the health benefiting conductive properties of amethyst channels. These three powerful health stimulators are combined in a single, easy-to-use product with remarkable benefits that result in both short-term and long-lasting healing effects. It’s a safe and natural way to own the ability to enjoy life for years to come with temporary relief from minor spasms, minor sprains, minor strains, minor joint pain associated with arthritis, minor muscle pain and more.

The basic science behind the BioMat is as follows:

  • The Biomat heats the body by producing the same infrared rays you would receive from the sun and projecting them deep into your body. This therapy is also known as Thermo-therapy, much like the infrared sauna. Studies have shown that during thermo-therapy, a powerful increase in skin micro-circulation, skin temperature, and core temperature are experienced. As your body temperature rises, infrared heat induces a false fever that can provide benefits to the immune system by producing a type of immune cell known as a lymphocyte, which helps destroy infected cells.
  • The BioMat produces large amounts of negative ions that surround your body. Negative ions are atoms with more electrons (-) than protons (+) and are most abundant in natural environments like the mountains, oceans and forests. Negative ions have been proven to improve the quality of your blood by enriching it with antioxidants, which can help with all kinds of blood disorders, skin problems, and improving immunity to help fight disease.
  • Amethyst is a naturally formed mineral, which has been demonstrated by chemical analysis to possess unusually conductive properties capable of channeling energy deep into the body.  For this reason, the scientists and technicians who designed the BioMat chose to cover the surface with parallel amethyst channels.  This amethyst layer acts as an aid to help conduct the far infrared rays and negative ions generated by the BioMat directly into the human body, amplifying the penetrative capabilities to a depth of up to seven inches.

What to expect during a BioMat session…
Imagine being able to feel better while you relax in soothing heat. That’s the benefit of the amethyst BioMat technology: it’s effortless, easy to use, and feels great while it provides muscle relaxation and temporary relief of the aches pains, spasms sprains strains and stiffness outlined in the US FDA’s medical Device 510K Indications for Use.  Simply adjust the control panel settings, position yourself comfortably on the BioMat, and let the deep-penetrating far infrared rays and negative ions go to work. It’s that simple.

Benefits of a BioMat session: Fight disease, Detox the body, Alleviate pain, Relieve muscle and joint pain, Soothe/Relax/Support the immune system, Increase micro-circulation, and more. Even a short time on the BioMat reduces stress, muscle tension and the aches and pains in the US FDA’s medical Device 510K Indications for Use. Most BioMat users find that the time they spend on their BioMat is the best part of their day, and a great way to unwind.

Scheduling a Session with the Biomat can leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and energized. It warms the body from the inside out, relieving muscle and joint pain, soothing and relaxing and supporting the immune system. Book your session today!

Cost: 20-minute session for $30.00 or 45-minute session for $55.00

Jennifer Hamende – Richway BioMat Distributor
Winds For Change Creative Healing Center
3402 15th Street South, Suite B
Fargo, ND 58104