Reiki/Energy Healing

Are you feeling tired?
Stressed out?
Are you surrounded by negativity?

Raise your vibrations with Reiki and increase your energy flow!


What is Reiki? Reiki is a method of stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. The technique was developed in Japan; it is based on the idea that all living things have a special energy flowing through them called life energy.

How Reiki affects the body:  When your life energy is high, you’ll feel strong and confident, be more relaxed and centered, and less likely to get sick. When it is low, you’ll often feel tired, be more easily affected by stress, and less resistant to illness. A Reiki treatment is a way of increasing your life energy.

What to expect during a Reiki Session: A practitioner will transmit Reiki to the client through the hands. The client remains fully clothed during a Reiki session.  It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing – no buttons, snaps, or zippers.  It is common practice to treat the energy fields above the body as this is where dis-ease in the body begins. The hands may be lightly placed on or near the body in various positions around the head, shoulders, stomach and feet.

A treatment can feel like a warm glowing radiance that flows through the body. It is a very relaxing experience and some clients report the body feeling heavy as it relaxes, and yet the spirit or emotions feeling light at the same time. A treatment will usually release negative emotions or thoughts leaving the client feeling more positive, light-hearted, and with sense of well-being.

Can I learn Reiki? The ability to do Reiki is innate within everyone.   In the first level of Reiki, the student is given their first attunement, which is like turning on a switch that in affect turns on ones Reiki energy. There are three levels of Reiki training; with each level you gain insight and experience in how to work with the energy.

Scheduling a Reiki/Energy Healing Session can help increase your life force energy and create a sense of well-being by helping release negative emotions.

Cost: 45 minute session for $44.00


Jennifer Hamende – Certified Reiki Master & Instructor
Winds For Change Creative Healing Center
3402 15th Street South, Suite B
Fargo, ND 58104