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Level 1 Certification ~ Einstein Touch Therapy

October 29 @ 9:00 am - 4:30 pm


Three months ago Omar spent over 200 hours developing a new original workshop called Level 1 Certification ~ Einstein Touch Therapy. The workshop combines the best of Einstein Method & Touch for Health.  Omar has integrated it among about 70 other modalities over four decades of practice. This is a Come to a Life- and Career-Building Workshop!

When:    Sun., Oct. 29, 9 am – 4.30 pm (Please arrive about 10 minutes early.)

Where:  Winds For Change Creative Healing Center LLC, 3402 15th St S Fargo

Price: Advance price $99 or $120 cash at door.

Max Attendance: Workshop is limited to 12 people (4 tables – 3 students each).

Certification:  You will receive a level 1 certification in Einstein Touch Therapy. Do buy John Thie’s 2005 Touch for Health book, new or used, on Amazon.

Reserve Today! Call Jenn Hamende at 701 412 8102 or email windsforchangellc@gmail.com

Is This Workshop For You? If you’re a professional, Body worker, Chiropractor, Energy Worker, Masseur, Masseuse, Medical Doctor, Nurse – who wants to grow, it is! Or just come to learn to heal yourself, help family & friends.

Desired But Not Required:  Some knowledge & practice with Energy Work (such as Reiki-attuned). Muscle testing practice is advantageous.

Lunch and breaks:  Lunch break for ½ hr. at noon plus short breaks throughout the day. Please bring lunch/snack , water/tea.

We’ll build on, improve Touch for Health in many ways:

Principle 1: Clarify Each Student’s Primary Healing Objective(s).
What do you want to accomplish in life? What stops you?

Principle 2: We Select the Best 10% from Touch for Health manual.
Will spend the day testing, correcting 6 Meridian Channel PairsBig Bang for a Modest Buck — so you Feel, Heal, Function, Relate, Attract your Best in Life!

Principle 3: Practice!
Progress finds us when we become Really Good at doing a few important things, do fewer weak, weakening things.

Principle 4: Remove Anti-Reiki from 100 Trillion Cells
*Touch for Health muscle tests confirm weak channels that keep us from manifesting high Quality of Life. *We release Stagnant Heavy Tension Energy (SHTE) from portals along channels & from relating muscles. *Then there’s empty space in 100 trillion cells ready to recharge w/Spiritual Love Reiki Energy (SLRE) using Touch for Health methods & about 70 other Einstein Methods!

Principle 5: How Much Spiritual Love Reiki Energy Do You Want?
We start by correcting weak meridians & muscles in our Energetic Physical Bodies – those we touch, test & feel. Next we separate our Super-Conscious and Physical bodies & also correct there – and integrate Seven Levels of Consciousness: 1) Conscious Willful Brain, 2) Unconscious, 3) Egoic Conscious, 4) Emotional Conscious, 5) Subconscious Mind / Body, 6) Super Conscious Christ Body, 7) Cosmic Conscious.

Principle 6: What’s More Important: What You Eat or What You Assimilate?
Ten Essential Nutrient Categories will be identified & you’ll learn the list of foods responsible for America’s health crises. LECTINS are toxins developed by plants to prevent their being eaten by insects so their baby seeds can reproduce.

Principle 7: Learn Two Ways to Cleanse Toxins from Colons, 100 Trillion Cells
Your handouts include details for non-fasting & fasting colon cleanses so when you decide to “clean up your act” you’ll know what to do.

Principle 8: Exercise Play: Visualization & Acupressure; Metaphysics

Principle 9: Variety Spices Up Our Lives!
Our day will be broken up with fun stuff like: a) Breath of Unconditional Love, b) Lymphatic Breathing, c) Lymphatic-Circulating Rebounding …

Principle 10: Learn What You Practice

Any questions feel free to contact Jennifer at 701-412-8102 or email her at windsforchangellc@gmail.com or stop into WFC on Tuesday and Thursdays from 1:30 to 7:00


October 29
9:00 am - 4:30 pm


Winds For Change Creative Healing Center
3402 15th Street South ~ Suite B
Fargo, 58104 United States


Jenn Hamende