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In Toe Reading, everything is something.  Our feet record our stories and thought processes.  As a toe reader, Jennifer begins to help interpret the stories or thought processes in your life that could be potentially holding you back from your heart’s desire.

  • The Left Foot represents your female energy, the present, Yin, and your (Internal) self. Your Left Foot also represents yourself and spirit.
  • The Right Foot represents your male energy, the past, Yang, and your (outer) world. Your Right Foot also represents how you step out into the world, how you relate to the world, work, and relationships.

Each toe represents something different as well – the meanings for each toe are the same on both feet, although the meaning is interpreted through what each toe represents.  For example, what is presented to the world (right foot) might be totally different than your personal beliefs (left foot) even though you are looking at the same toe on each foot.

  • The Big Toe is your Destiny Toe, your (self) toe. The element of the Destiny Toe is Ether, and it works in conjunction with all the other toes on the foot.  It represents how you are walking your path, and whether or not you are on your path.
  • The Second Toe is your Communication Toe. The element of the Communication Toe is Air, and it tells about your communication style, whether you are holding secrets, or whether you are holding back on communicating your real truth.
  • The Middle Toe is your Action Toe. The element of the Action toe is Fire, and it represents your passion – what is holding you back or propelling you forward.  It is your “do it” or “don’t do it” toe.
  • The Fourth Toe is your Relations Toe. The element of the Relationship toe is Water, and it holds your beliefs about relationships, both past and present.
  • The Little Toe is your Trust Toe. The element of the Trust toe is Earth, and it represents your beliefs about trust (or lack thereof).  On the right foot, the Trust Toe also represents your beliefs about abundance, prosperity, and finances.

Scheduling a Toe Reading session can help release old thought patterns/processes that are no longer serving your highest and greatest good.  It can help you find clarity and a deeper understanding of self.

Cost: 45 minute session for $44.00

Jennifer Hamende ~ Certified Master Toe Reader
Winds For Change Creative Healing Center
3402 15th Street South, Suite B
Fargo, ND 58104
701-412-8102  or  701-367-3816

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