Policy & Procedures

(for Half Day and Full Day Room Rentals)

  1. An application must be submitted prior to reserving a space and the owner will determine if energetically it is a fit for the center and aligns with the centers mission and vision.
  2. Winds for Change, LLC Healing Center (WFC) is about being of service to others. We feel it is imperative that we honor our patrons, as they arrange their schedules to attend events, classes, workshops, or other services that are being held at WFC. In order to keep the focus on service we have implemented a no cancellation or postponement policy for events, classes, workshops or other services that are scheduled at WFC unless the Center is closed due to Weather related emergencies. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  3. Should the renter decides to cancel the event, the entire fee(s) collected for the room shall be forfeited by the applicant as a cancellation fee and you will not be in good standing with WFC.
  4. When reserving a room at Winds for Change (WFC) the room will be placed on a (5) day hold until all the proper paperwork is returned and the fees paid. To guarantee your space, WFC must receive Policy and Procedure Agreement, Room Rental Contract along with full payment for the room. If the above information is not received by Winds for Change within the (5) day hold the room will be released and be opened up to other renters starting on the 6th
  5. No advertisement can be made public until Wind For Change has received the required paperwork and rental fees. You will be notified by WFC when the paper work is received so you can proceed with your advertising. All Renters are responsible for all aspects of their events from creating, advertising, marketing, collecting all monies associated with their event. *Winds for Change, LLC (WFC) will link your Facebook Created event to their Event Page and Calendar. * If a Facebook Event is not created WFC would be happy to share your events on their Facebook Page if the information is provided.
  6. All Renters must set up and tear down within the time frame of the contract. It is suggested that you add an hour on to your contracted time to allow 30 minutes for set up and 30 minutes for tear down. An additional fee of $15/hour will be charged for any time over the allotted contract agreement hours.
  7. The Renter agrees to greet and escort their participants to and from their event. All Renters assume the responsibility and liability for their event participants. No children are allowed to be unsupervised at any time. WFC reserves the right to request and/or enforce the removal of any such person(s) that is found to be disruptive to the event or the Center.
  8. Liability for any loss to the renter shall not be the responsibility of WFC. All Renters are encouraged to carry insurance covering loss or damage.
  9. All Renters must conform to all local police, city, and fire laws, health regulations, electrical codes, and other local, state, and federal laws and regulations. It is the Renter’s responsibility to acquire any permits to meet local regulations. No open flames will be allowed without written permission of WFC and/or local/proper permit(s).
  10. WFC reserves the right to cancel this agreement due to facility damage, acts of God, state of emergency, or any other reason. The renter agrees not to hold WFC liable for damages, or any costs that occurred due to the cancellation. All fees will be credited due to these conditions only.
  11. Weather related cancellations will be determined by WFC. If WFC is open, your event is still scheduled. However, if you are unable to make it due to weather conditions, you forfeit the room fee that was collected.